What we do

We educate children, consumers and professionals to promote kindness and compassion for people, animals and the environment among Asian societies.

With the future in mind, education is at the core of all we do. We teach children about respect and kindness, promote responsibility among consumers for the goods they buy, and collaborate with influential professionals in government, education, law, and veterinary practice.

ACTAsia initiates education programmes for gradual and sustainable social change

  • We aim to cultivate a deeper level of understanding of the interdependence of all living things among the next generation – because children will eventually be responsible for a better future
  • We aim to inform consumers about the production processes behind the goods they buy, so that each person has the ability to make informed choices
  • We aim to build a network of professionals in Asian societies who have access to best-practice knowledge and skills to ensure high quality animal welfare standards are in place and upheld

Our areas of work

Children's education

Children's education

We teach citizenship, animal welfare, and environmental responsibility through Caring for Life Education (CFL)

Consumer education

Consumer education

We raise awareness of the exploitation of people, animals and the environment by consumer industries

Professional education

Professional education

We offer professional training and development for teachers, veterinarians and other influential members of society

I Care

I Care

I Care is an academic platform for education programmes and research projects, in collaboration with international universities.

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Caring for Life is an education programme to help children understand the connections between people, animals and nature

ACTAsia’s sustainable and fur-free fashion shows improve awareness among consumers in China

Together with partners, we teach volunteer veterinary trainers in China to help our professional education reach further

Fur Free

Educating consumers about fur

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In an area where rabies is prevalent, through Caring for Life children like these learn how to interact safely with dogs

City children enjoy a trip to the country to get up-close with nature as part of Caring for Life